|Christmas Movies – Part 1|

Happy Sunday!.

I started watching Christmas films middle of November which I know seems very early BUT I wanted to watch quite a few and I just knew that come December I won’t have time to watch them all. The one’s I’ve watched so far as I have quite a few on my list have been fabulous. Netflix seems to be killing it with there festive films AND series, oh yes I’ve noticed there’s a season on there called ‘Merry Happy Whatever’ that I can’t wait to dive into watching!.

So here’s my thought’s on the festive films I’ve watched so far.

1. Daddy’s Home 2


I accidentally watched it totally unaware that it was a Christmas film, however I had started it so thought why not finish it. This is fantastic light hearted and funny. It’s a follow up of the first one where co-dads Brad and Dusty try to have a fantastic Christmas when there plans come to a halt by there own two fathers turning up to celebrate with them.

2. Bad moms at Christmas


Again this is a follow up film to the first one and omg I just loved it. This is about 3 moms who feel very challenged by Christmas and intend on having fun of there own when there mothers come to visit. Each mother has an expectation of how they think there daughters should have Christmas and it all gets too much for the moms who then rebel and potentially ruin Christmas for there families.

3. Let it snow


A snowfalls hits a Midwestern town on Christmas Eve and ends up brings friends who have fallen out closer together and creates a couple from two strangers from different backgrounds together that end up falling in love.  This is a light hearted film that makes you smile. Really liked this one.

4. Santa girl


The daughter of Santa who wants to go off to college in the real world causes mayhem for Santa as her families made a deal that she will marry Jack Frost’s son in order for a Christmas deal. She ends up living in the world for the summer and meets a boy who in the end stops the wedding. This is sweet film and a one that would be perfect to have on in the background when your doing festive things at home.

5. Christmas inheritance


Before an ambitious heiress Ellen Langford can inherit her father’s business, she must deliver a special Christmas card to her dad’s former partner in Snow Falls. When a snowstorm strands her at the town inn, she discovers the true gift of Christmas. I loved this one very heart warming and made me smile.

6. Christmas with a view


A ski resort is buzzing when a celebrity chef is named the new head chef. Clara isn’t excited about her new boss, but with their paths constantly crossing, Clara realises that they have more in common than they first thought. I knew in the first 5 minutes what the ending was going to be but nevertheless I watched it and really enjoyed it.

7. Angel of Christmas


A woman’s life changes in unexpected ways when, in the process of writing a newspaper article about her family’s heirloom Christmas ornament, she meets an enthusiastic artist. The angel appears to be magic and ends up bringing her and the artist together and in the end they discover something special. A joy to watch even if it did think the angel looked a little creepy the story behind it was beautiful.

I think out of all of them so far the ones I loved most (even though I enjoyed them all) are bad moms at Christmas, Christmas with a view, Christmas Inheritance and Angel of Christmas.

Which Christmas films have you watched or want to watch? Let me know and recommendations.

Thank you for reading xxx

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5 thoughts on “|Christmas Movies – Part 1|

  1. I still need to watch all of the Christmas Netflix movies for this year. I loved Let It Snow and The Knight Before Christmas, although the Knight Before Christmas was definitely cheesy and predictable, but have yet to watch some of the others. You should definitely watch Merry Happy Whatever – I binged it in 2 days and absolutely loved it. xx


  2. Okay don’t hate me too much but I haven’t watched a single Christmas film this year (I know why am I the grinch?!) Daddys home 1 was so good so I defo need to watch the second one. Thank you for all the amazing recommendations! xxx


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