|Seasonal Bakes – Honey Biscuits|

Happy Wednesday!!!

In November I picked up the Simply Christmas magazine to help me try and get into the Christmas spirit as well as to get some ideas. With this magazine it says inside there are 342 festive ideas for gifts, decor, crafts, entertaining and even days out, perfect!. This also came with a silicone mould and inside the magazine it has some ideas on how you could use it, Some of the ideas to use the moulds were: fruit ice cubes, mini festive chocolates, bath bomb gift set, honest biscuits and gift tags. I decided to try the honey biscuit recipe as I don’t really bake biscuits.

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For this recipe I used:

35g demerara sugar 

45g unsalted butter

130g plain flour

1 tsp water

1 1/2 tbsp honey

Using a pan on a low temperature you heat up the honey, sugar and water into a pan stirring as you go. Once all that is done stir int he butter until its fully mixed in before adding in the flour until it becomes a dough like mixture.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Take small pieces of the dough and gently fill in the moulds pressing down so that the dough reaches all sizes of the shapes. Place in the oven for around 15-20 minutes. It says to continue doing so until you have no dough left but tbh I wasn’t going to faff on doing that so with the remaining of my dough I made bigger biscuits.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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I LOVE them!I mean just look how cute they patterns are. My faves has to be the present and the gingerbread house. If I’m honest they didn’t taste that great as I accidentally left them in the over longer than needed so a few burnt haha. I feel if I made these again I would add more honey in as keep an eye on the time so they don’t burn. I will be using the moulds again to make ice cubes for my Christmas drinks.

What your fave thing to bake?

Thank you for reading xxx

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6 thoughts on “|Seasonal Bakes – Honey Biscuits|

  1. These biscuits are so cute! I am sad to hear that they did not taste as good as they look but hey at least they look good on the Instagram!! My favourite thing to cook is chocolate chip cookies but during the holidays I like making sugar biscuits and decorating them with icing as it really gets me in the festive mood. xx


    1. I know was gutted they didn’t taste great. I want to bake some grinch cookies I’ve all the stuff in to bake them just need time haha feeling like I’m running out of that atm as I’m working a lot 😦 xx

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