|Christmas Movies Part 2|

3 More sleeps! The countdown is well and truly on.

A while ago I did a Christmas movies post which can be found here if you missed it not just want to read it in general, I watched a few more films since then and thought I’d share them!

1.A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.


This is a follow on film from the first film where a journalist ends up getting married to a price and there worlds being so different from one another. This Christmas one is ok but not the best. It’s easy to watch for something being on in the background but I was a little disappointed. I also didn’t really find it festive but because I had started it I couldn’t turn it off.

2. Cinderella: A Christmas Story.


This film is perfect it’s so festive and such a lovely feel good film. Cinderella is my fave Disney film so I loved this. It’s about a girl who is essentially Cinderella who works as a elf at Santas grotto and her step family are awful to her. She falls in love with the Santa who is the son of a wealthy man who has a party and she gets an invite which her step sisters rip up ect. I felt super Christmassy after watching this.

3. The knight before Christmas


Again this film is super Christmassy and made me feel all happy at the end. It’s a cheesy romantic film where you know the ending in the first 10 mins of watching but you can’t not watch it. I loves the storyline to it. A time travelling knight granted a wish to fulfil his destiny who falls in love with a girl and become the perfect family man.

4. The Christmas Chronicles 


OH MY GOD this film is my new fave! I watched this last year and will be watching it on Christmas Eve. It’s amazing if you’ve not seen it you need too. It’s the perfect Christmas film. Two children hitch a plan to try and catch Santa on camera for all those none believers out there and it turns into a night they will never ever forget. The humour in the film is also hilarious. A must see film. I can’t wait for the second one to come out next year!

What’s your all time fave Christmas film? Mine is Elf

Thank you for reading xxx

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2 thoughts on “|Christmas Movies Part 2|

  1. I watched that Knight before Christmas one and it was super cringe and cheesy but you can’t help and love it haha! Also my favourite Christmas film is 100% Elf, but there are so many I love as well! xxx


  2. My boyfriend and I watched The Christmas Prince 3 this Christmas as well! We have seen number 1 and 2 the respective years they were released so felt obliged to watch this one as well. It was okay but definitely cheesy. Been watching more films on Prime this year, would recommend Deck The Halls if you have not seen it already. xx


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