|2019 Highlights|

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New year. I hope 2020 serves you all well. Looking back through some of my photo’s I really don’t feel like I did a lot in 2019, mainly because most of our little days out were to places we have visited before, therefore I didn’t really visit anywhere new.

Here’s a little run out of a few of my faves moments of 2019!

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I really enjoyed Spring for I think the first time EVER, mainly because Autumn is my all time fave season. I loved seeing the flowers blossom and the changes in all four seasons. It really made me appreciate nature and my surrounds more.

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I finally visited Alnwick to see the amazing display of Taihaku cherry tree gardens. This stunning cherry orchard is the largest collection in the world in terms of Taihaku trees. They are in full bloom for around two weeks at the end of May/ start of April. They are definitely worth seeing. I was just in awe of it all, really took my breathe away.

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Spent my spring and summer visiting both National Trust and none National Trust places. We found this stunning place (above photo) in Ripon called Ripley Castle which is in North Yorkshire where it only costs £5 pp. Really good for value for money as it has stunning grounds, beautiful gardens and you can even get up close (well sort of) to the deers. We also visited Castle Howard which is where singer Ellie Goulding had her wedding reception. It again is situated in North Yorkshire, can you tell we love Yorkshire.

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I also embraced having some close up photo’s taken, which if you follow me on Instagram you will know most of my pics are taken at a distance. Maybe in 2020 I will post more close ups HOWEVER I sometimes don’t wear make up on days out which is probably why I look 9/10 like a ghost, even though I’m fair skinned.

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I also went on holiday to Bulgaria which was a little boring in terms of things to do as we stayed in Sunny Beach, we spent most of our two week holiday lying round the pool or on the beach, which I did actually like as I felt really relaxed. I finally took a trip to Newcastle’s Getto golf and boy that was a whole lotta fun even though I came last. I feel with more practise I could potentially win.

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I went to London and only went and climbed up the o2 arena!!!!!!!! I’ve wanted to do that for so long it’s such a fab experience and one I will never every forget. We also seeing Magic Mike live and I went to see my first West End musical and that was simply amazing. London never fails to make me happy and there’s so many things to see and do, there’s always something new to do as well, I can’t wait to visit again.

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I changed my hair (again) at the end of last year and went from silver to pink and I’m so in love! Yes is fades quicker than the silver BUT I adore the shade it fades to, I just love it. I bought a Christmas wreath for the first time as well and I’m not going to lie it was hard to take it down as I fell in love with it.

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And finally I turned the big 3-0! I was extremely nervous for many reasons about turning 30 and everyone told me that your 30’s are better than your 20’s and tbh I agree. I’ve realised I care less about things that I used to and that I’m a lot wiser due to a lot of past mistakes. I had such a lovely birthday celebrating my 30th with friends, family and work colleagues. I don’t know what I was nervous about looking back.

As well as all of the above I have been lucky enough to see some fantastic theatre shows at my local theatre my fave being The King and I. Annie the musical was great too and even better that I got to serve Dorian from Birds of a feather. She is one of my childhood heroes and such a lovely person.

I had a lovely 2019 but I’m so pleased we are into a new decade and of course an even number. I can’t stand odd numbers. I feel like 2020 will be my year. I’ve so much stuff I want to do this year.

What have been your 2019 highlights?

Thank you for reading xxx

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8 thoughts on “|2019 Highlights|

  1. I loved this post so much and its so nice to see what made you happy in 2019! I think I say this every time, but I can’t get over how amazing your photography is – especially the spring pics!! Heres to a happy 2020!xxx


    1. I often don’t think I do much in my year but then when it comes to writing these types of posts I realise that I have done and I love making memories. Awww thank you so so much it means a lot. Happy 2020! xxx


  2. It sounds like you had an incredible year. Happy Belated Birthday! When you were writing this post, did you realise just how much you had done this year?! Because same, I had forgotten half of what I had done and writing my recap post was a good reminder. xx


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