|Curtains A Musical Whodunit – Review|

Last night I attended my first musical of 2020!. I was very much looking forward to see Curtains as it stars Comedian Jason Manford alongside Carley Stenson ( Who used to play Steph Dean in Hollyoaks who’s also been in musicals such as Les Miserables, Legally Blonde and Fiona in Shrek) and Ore Oduba (who won Strictly come dancing). This show was originally produced as a broadway show.


About the Musical


This show tells a story about Jessica Cranshaw who is a leading lady in a show called Robin Hood who ends up getting murdered on opening night. All of the cast are suspects and aren’t allowed to leave the theatre until the mystery is solved. Detective Frank Cioffi is brought in to solve the murder but is a huge musical theatre fan. He gets very distracted by the running of the musical than actually solving the murder. As the story goes on more murders take place but once again Frank is more involved in the musical. As they cast run through the last known steps of the first murder is becomes clear who the murderer is.

My Thoughts 

I was looking forward to this as I thought it was going to be like a murder mystery type show rather than what it actually was. It was funny in places very much adult humour. The cast was fantastic who knew Jason Manford could sing!. Carley and Ore were fabulous too couldn’t fault any of the cast. Fantastic opening night!

This production is in Sunderland until Saturday 25th January before moving onto Liverpool.

Are you like me a musical lover, what’s your fave musical?

Thank you for reading xxx

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