|Cabaret Musical- Review|

I’ve wanted to see this musical for a while now so when I seen it was coming to Sunderland I was very pleased. This show is running in Sunderland until Saturday 1st February.

About the Musical

Cabaret is a musical that was produced in 1966 and is based on John Van Druten’s 1951 play called ‘I am a camera’. It is set in Berlin just as the Nazis are beginning to rise into power.  It focuses on the nightlife at the seedy Kit Kat Klub, and revolves around an American writer called Cliff Bradshaw and his relationship with English Cabaret performer called Sally Bowles. As well as telling the story of Sally and Cliff is also tells a story between Fraulein Schneider who is a German woman and Hard Schultz who is jewish. This musical was a huge broadway hit that inspired production in New York and London.  As well as a musical it also in 1972 came out as a film.


As the shows comes to Sunderland its leading stars are John Partridge ( Eastenders,  Chicago and La Cage Aux Follies) as Emcee, Kara Liliy Haworth ( Cilla the musical) as Sally Bowles and Anita Harris ( Cats, carry on doctor and that camel) as Fraulein Schneider.



My Thoughts

I liked the story line to it and the sets for this musical were fabulous. The dancing was spectacular as was the casts German accents. The cast was fantastic despite a technical hitch in the first half of the show. I loved all the stage costumes and props definitely a show right up my alley!. I liked it that much that I’ve been singing Cabaret. Great opening night and great atmosphere from the audience.

Have you seen Cabaret before?

Thank you for reading xxx

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