|January Favourites|

Happy Monday hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Whilst January was a long. ol’ month for most of us I did manage to try out some new products that I got for Christmas, (still have a lot more to try as well) and wow I’ve become obsessed!


Let’s dive in!


Pantene pro-v hair biology for full and vibrant hair. As you know I do like trying out hair shampoos that helps hair to look fuller and have less breakage, as my hair is very fine and sometimes can look a little on the thin side due to years of bleaching my hair. I saw this in Superdrug at the beginning of the month and I love it. They have four different types in this hair biology range the one I have, a grey and glowing one, a de-frizz and illuminate one and a cleanse and reconstruct one.  They each come with a hair mask range as well if you wanted to just purchase the mask rather than a shampoo and conditioner. I love the smell of this shampoo and conditioner and can feel it working after a week. My hair feels fuller and I’ve noticed not as much hair falls out when brushing which is a massive bonus for me. My mam has the de-frizz one and she’s not a fan, she has really thick hair and can’t see any difference when she uses it. Everyone has different hair types so what may not work for some may work for others, no harm in trying.


Fearne Cotton’s happy place body wash. I got one of her sets for Christmas where you got three body washes and three body lotions. In the set you got this calming one thats designed to make you feel calmer, a sleep one which is designed to help you sleep better and an energise one designed to make you feel like you have a little more energy. Each of the body washes and lotions are scented around what they are created for. I’ve used this calming one that is enriched with vanilla and jasmine that helps to soothe, moisturise and tone the skin. I adore each of there smells and would highly recommend. Health and wellbeing is so important and I’m so pleased Fearne’s realised this range. Really hope she does more like this.


Victoria Secret Velvet petals body spray. I’m obsessed with this spray! I’ve not used Victoria secret in years and I don’t know why I stopped. This smells amazing I love the smell of roses and this is so similar to that. This set came with a body lotion as well which is perfect for summer. I’ve been using this for work and I love the compliments I’ve had. My mam has a coconut one which smells insane, we all know how much I adore the smell of coconuts.


The body shop Vitamin E moisture cream. Again I got this in a set along with two sheet masks and the facial wash. All three products in this set have became ultimate faves and I will definitely be re-purchasing. This moisture cream is amazing its quite thick so you literally don’t need use loads. My skin feels very hydrated and super super soft. I mainly use this on an evening before I go to bed. One of the best moisturisers I’ve used in a long time.


Dermalogica biolumin-c eye serum. I kindly got gifted this product to try out and oh my goodness it’s incredible. I use a very very small amount on a morning and evening and I can see such an amazing difference. My under eye skin looks loads better and is very much brighter than it was before. Also because I wear glasses I sometimes if not most times get dark areas in my inner eye area where my glasses sit on my nose and by using this serum they have disappeared to an extent. Can’t recommend this gem of a product enough. It really does work wonders!.

There are my jan faves what have been yours? 

Thank you for reading xxx

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9 thoughts on “|January Favourites|

  1. Love Superdrug’s Vitamin E range! I had heard of Fearne Cotton’s book but did not realise she had brought out beauty products with a similar theme – will have to check them out next time I am in store! xx


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