|Skinny Tan – Wonder Serum Review|

Happy Friday AND Happy Valentines Day! How ever you celebrate today I hope you have a good one!

With all this gloomy awful winter weather it has made me look through old holiday photos and remembering how tanned I was on my last holiday to Bulgaria. Everyone likes a tan weather its the real deal or through fake tan, there’s plenty of choice now when it comes to faking a tan from a bottle and this new serum sounded amazing.86711799_10157977145435350_3114776515749871616_n

I love skinny tan and have used it many a times before and have always had great results and results I’ve been happy with so I was very excited to give this a whirl. As you can see this wonder serum offers a speedy tan that is enriched with a skin loving Q10 serum. The bottle states three different shades of tan: 1hr for a light 2hr for a medium and 3hr+ for a darker tan. Pretty simple and not bad if your going out that day and need to tan quickly. I used this when I was going out so I used the product to develop while I was getting ready and plodding on with jobs before leaving.


The instructions are on the back of the bottle and are very clear in how to apply. Before using exfoliate the skin and if your like me tanning your legs then make sure to moisturise and knees and ankles also any dry skin you may have as well. Once I had done that I applied the tan in circular motions onto my legs. As you can see the tan comes out VERY dark. Once I had applied I left it for a little over an hour to hopefully achieve a nice natural looking tan before rinsing it off. DO NOT wash off using soap rinse only unless you want to wash the tan off haha.

Here are my before and after.


I love how well it turned out and I’m getting so much better when it comes to my knee and feet area. If you’ve ever seen my previous tanning attempts they always turn out very patchy and rather orange looking. This product can be purchased from boots and is currently on offer for £28.99 from £31.99 to purchase click here

Would I recommend this product? yes and no to be honest. Yes because this product is great and does what it says on the bottle but no due to the fan the first time I used it I couldn’t really see a difference after an hour. So I used it again a few days after applied more of the product than I did previously and left it on longer. Probably my own fault rather than the products.

Thank you to the team at Skinny tan for sending my this product out to try!

Have you tried any skinny tan products? What is your go to tanning brand?

Thank you for reading xxx

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