|Baking – Confetti Traybake|

Happy Friday! Hope your all looking forward to the weekend!

I’m sure most of you reading this will remember this type of cake from the dessert section of your school dinners. I used to get this daily when I was at school and its a cake I used to get excited about. What’s not to love about it vanilla sponge stopped with icing and sugar strands – perfect combination. I’ve never tried to bake traybake before and in Mary Berry’s book theres a few I have my eye on baking, but for now I thought I’d start off simple.

The Recipe.

8oz butter

8oz caster sugar

10oz self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

4 large eggs

4 tbsp milk

1tsp vanilla extract

For decorating

10oz icing sugar

3 tbsp boiling water

hundreds and thousands – as many as you like!


Like with most of Mary’s recipes I combined all the ingredients for the cake mixture into a large bowl and mixed for around 1-2 minutes, until the mixture looked lightly and smooth. I lined my baking tin and pre heated the oven. Once the oven was nearly heated up I poured my mixture into the tin, once the mixture was all in I gave the tin a little shake to that it levelled out and the mixture was equal all around the tin. I left it to bake around a little over 30 minutes, took it out of the oven and left to cool. As I was a little on the impatient side I popped my cake in the fridge to cool down quicker so I could decorate it. I measured out the icing sugar and mixed until completely smooth, took out my cake and spread the icing on the top of the cake. Once the icing was on I began to sprinkle away creating ALOT of mess haha.


I have to admit for a first tray bake attempt I am impressed with myself. I mean I know it’s a simple bake to do but I’m quite happy with the decorating of it, again I know its simple but I’m not the best when it comes to decorating things. It also tastes rather nice too. Apparently baking is a hidden talent of mine (so I’m told).

Do you love tray bakes? What’s your favourite one?

Thank you for reading xx

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