|Lockdown Products I Love|

Happy Tuesday, hope you’re all doing OK.

Skincare/ self care has been going well since lockdown and I thought I would share a few of my fave products with you. I have been using them a lot and I know some of you or even most of you will also have a skincare routine, now that we all have a little more time on our hands, especially if like me you have been furloughed.

Let’s dive in


As you can see it features ALOT of my fave products some of which you will of seen before.

1. Hand Cream


I love Nivea and have used there products for years. They do a few different hand range products and with having to wash your hands more regular my hands have became extremely dry and a little rough. I picked the one that helps hands to achieve a smooth finish. It works a treat on my hands and I love that it doesn’t take long to dry into the skin.  It also smell of Shea butter which for me is one of my fave fresh scents. I’m almost out of this product as I’ve been using it a lot especially at night time.

2.  Hair Mask


I picked this up from my local Home bargains and I must admit I’ve yet to use it. I love however that it’s enriched with argon oil. Whilst my hair is looking in ok condition at the moment due to not being able to get to the hairdressers for a good ol’ colour I feel it could do with a face mask just to give it a little extra nourishment.

3. Face masks


In-between using sheet masks once a week I have been using this Himalayan charcoal mask as well as the face plumping rose mask from the body shop. You all know I love this mask as I mentioned it in a monthly faves post. I just adore how my skin looks after using this.

4. Bath waffles


I flipping love this. I’ve never tried anything for the Skinny Dip range but I got this for Christmas and LOVED it. You get two square bath fizzers and it not only fizzers in the bath but it turns the water a lovely orange colour, and smells of peaches!!! I will be purchasing more that’s for sure. As much as I love Lush products can’t beat a little change up.

5. Body scrub


Again I’ve mentioned this before so you all know I’m a fan. I’ve been alternating between this scrub and a one from the Soap and glory range. I love using scrubs once a week to get rid of all the dead skin cells. I feel my skin really benefits from it.

6. Body wash


Fearne Cottons range is one of my faves. This set comes with three moods and I use this one on a morning time and because of the ingredients in it, it makes me feel like I have a little more energy. After using this to get washed with I do tend to use the body lotion as well. I hope she continues to make this range of products because they really are lovely to use.

What have been your go to products during lockdown?

Anything you would like to see on my blog then please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading xxx

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7 thoughts on “|Lockdown Products I Love|

  1. The waffles are such an interesting shape for a bath product! I got my Mum bath teas for Christmas last year since she is such a big tea drinker and thought it was such a creative idea. xx


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