|Baking – Cheese Scones|

Happy Saturday!

With my local Greggs still been shut I’ve been really fancying some good ol’ cheese scones, and thought I would try making my own. I got out my trusty Mary Berry Fast cakes book and found the recipe.

The recipe:

8 oz self raising flour

1 level tsp dry mustard

1\4 level tsp salt

good pinch of cayenne pepper ( I used normal pepper)

1 level tsp baking powder

2 oz butter

4 oz grated cheese

1 large egg



Before I started I pre heated my oven to 200 degrees and lightly greased my baking tray. I then added the flour, mustard, pepper and baking powder into a bowl then added in the butter and mixed using my hand until it formed into breadcrumbs. Once it was like that I added in my cheese.  Then I cracked my egg into a jug beating it lightly then added in my milk so that it made up to 150ml. I then added this into the flour bowl keeping a little back for glazing. Once this was all combined I began to knead the mixture out onto a lightly floured surfaced and cut using my scone cutters. The recipe makes 10 but I just made 6. I added a little extra cheese onto to make them a little more cheesy and baked them for 10 minutes/until golden brown.


They turned out really well and tasted (if I do say so myself) better than Greggs!. I love eating them when they are a little warm so this made for a lovely afternoon treat. Very easy to make as well. The cheesier the better for me and I LOVE cheese. These are my go to scones!.

What’s your preferred scone cheese or fruit? I’m not a fan of dried fruit so mine is obviously cheese haha.

Thank you for reading hope you’re all staying safe and well. xxx

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12 thoughts on “|Baking – Cheese Scones|

  1. I am definitely more a fan of the fruit scones. I had some cheese scones yesterday at a picnic and whilst they are nice, I would much prefer them with jam and butter! xx


  2. Okay so don’t hate me, but I have never had cheese scones before! I always opt for plain or fruit – which is odd considering I am a huge cheese lover! I so need to try these, they sound amazing! xxx


    1. Whatttttt you need to try them they a`re amazing!. I love cheese too I have a cheese making kit that I need to use that I got for Christmas haha. if you try cheese scones let me know your thoughts? xxx


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