|National Trust – Fountains Abbey|

Hi Hope you’re all doing well.

I simple adore the National Trust and have been a member for quite a few years now. We regularly go on weekends or sometimes mid week depending on work schedules, we just love getting out and exploring.

All of the National Trust places shut down in March and with the easing of lockdown some have started to reopen again. Whilst there cafes, shops and houses remain closed there grounds are open. More and more of there sites are becoming open BUT there is now a new system in place. You need to pre-book your car parking space so you need to book online. Tickets go on sale on Fridays and you pick a time slot in with to arrive in.

We booked Fountains Abbey and studley Royal in North Yorkshire and whilst the weather was gloomy it was a lovely little day. When we arrived at our time slot we went to the entrance where everything is marked out in terms of where to stand when waiting to be checked in and signs all around on keeping distance. Hand sanitiser  was also in place at the entrance if needed. It was also a one way system which is good. Once checked in you are asked to take a leaflet which explains the closure of some parts, which toilets remain open, where the portable toilets are, about wheelchair access ect.  The toilets that were open at the entrance were cleaned regular and has a one open one closed door inside same with the sinks as well and plenty of paper towels. Plenty of social distance in the toilets.


Once in the grounds it was easy to stay away from others and if there was other people it was easy to move into single file to get passed. The grounds are very spacious so we didn’t really see that many people and the ones we did see were friendly and said hello in passing. Something I love about the national trust most visitors are friendly and speak to you.


I really enjoyed my visit despite the little bit rain here and there. It didn’t dampen my spirits. Usually this place is busy so it was nice to be able to get some photo’s without loads of people in haha.


I can’t wait to get out and explore more. I’ve also started doing little videos on my Instagram stories to feel free to follow me on there too ‘ xamylouise89x‘ or my travel account ‘ xamylouisetravelsx

To see which National Trust is open near you or to book click here 

Have you visited anywhere since lockdown? If so how have you found it?

Thank you for reading xxx

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6 thoughts on “|National Trust – Fountains Abbey|

  1. We actually went to a National Trust site this morning and it was so weird to see it so empty but also really nice because it meant we could take lots of photos with no one in them! Unfortunately it did start to rain about 30 minutes into the trip so not the perfect day-out… xx

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    1. Yeah I know what you mean I loved being able to take photos and videos for Instagram without people in I guess that’s a little perk. oh no gutted it rained for you, least you still got out though ❤

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