|Nivea Men – The perfect Father’s Day gift|

This week it’s Father’s Day and it’s usually a day where I don’t see my dad because my parents are normally on holiday BUT this year is different. This year we will all be together making the most of it. Our plan is to go on a long afternoon walk somewhere nearby and like his birthday he’s asked me to bake him a cake. BUT I couldn’t not just give him a cake for Fathers Day, and I know he loves Nivea products so I thought I’d give him a little treat as he is my hero.


All products are from Nivea’s sensitive range as just like us woman men can get sensitive skin too. They all have a new formula which contains 0% alcohol. They all help relieve the 5 signs of skin irritation. The 5 signs are: burning, dryness, tightness, itchiness and impurities.


Like most men my dad loves to shave weekly to shaving gel is a go to product. This gel is perfect for any length of stubble which is perfect for my dad as he doesn’t like stubble so shaves every few days. This product is enriched with chamomile that helps to protect the skin from irritation caused by shaving. It’s 0% alcohol formula helps to soften the beard/stubble for a much easier closer shave with just one stroke. Perfect if you’re in a rush on a morning to get to work.


Men’s face wash is something my dad has started to use as his skin is getting older he likes to keep on top of grooming. This wash throughly gets rid of dirt and impurities and leaves the skin feeling very fresh.


The perfect men’s moisturiser. This is a cream-gel product that gives intensive moisture that gives 48H moisture. This cream – gel products leaves your skin feeling comfortable with a smooth and healthy finish. Perfect for all year round usage.


I’ve bought this shower gel so many times for my dad he loves it. Mainly because it’s a 3 in 1, yes that’s right you can use it to wash your body, face AND hair!. Such a good lazy product from men who are in a rush or men who don’t like to use different products when in the shower or bath. The ideal shower gel!. Enriched with bamboo extract that is very soothing and refreshing. It smells good too!.

All of the above products have been approved by my hero so I’m sure your’s would love them too. Nivea really is the gift for all occasions. I highly recommend there very affordable too and there gift sets always come in very handy!.

What are you getting your dad for Fathers Day? 

Thank you for reading xxx

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2 thoughts on “|Nivea Men – The perfect Father’s Day gift|

  1. I remember when the Lynx gift-set was the go-to gift for your Dad for his birthday or Father’s Day! I think gift sets are always a good idea for a present as there is normally at least one thing that they like and who can hate something that is practical?! This year I have gotten my Dad a bottle chiller as I thought it would be useful for all the picnics he has been going on. xx

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