|Kielder Forest – OOTD|

Happy Tuesday. Hope you’re all good.

We are half way into June and with May being a hot ish month, I decided to go through holiday clothes that I’d purchased last year, see if any of them still fit or more to the point I actually like and put them at the front of my wardrobe. There wasn’t actually many things from last year that I liked so I’m definitely in need a of big ol’ shopping trip now that more shops are starting to open.

We recently took a little trip up to Kielder forest and because it was lovely weather I opted for a pair of shorts and a top. I actually really liked my outfit which is sometimes a rare thing for me.


I’ve never been to Kielder and found it so peaceful. Plenty of room to social distance and if I’m honest the only time we actually saw people was at the car parking area. I love woodland walks so I was well in my element.


After wandering around the forest area for hours we stopped by fielder water which is a large man made reservoir in Northumberland. I was amazed. Like the woodland walks this was such a peaceful little place to come and again the car park was a little busy but easy to avoid people. I can’t wait to get out more and wear more outfits like this.

Have you been on a day out anywhere since the easing of lockdown?

I’ve been to a few so will be doing a little round up post very soon! I have ALOT of photo’s to sit through to showcase the best ones from my adventures.

Thank you for reading xxx

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2 thoughts on “|Kielder Forest – OOTD|

  1. The water looks absolutely beautiful! Sometimes I see pictures like these and honestly cannot believe that they are in England as they look so pretty! I have been to one National Trust place so far but unfortunately it rained whilst we were there so we were unable to fully enjoy it. Looking forward to visiting more now that the weather is nicer. xx


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