|Nivea Summer Skin Campaign|

Hi Lovelies, Happy Monday. Hope you’re all well!

I recently received these lovely skincare products from Nivea to try out as part of there summer skin campaign. As you guys know I adore Nivea and have used it for many many years. I couldn’t wait to add these three products into my daily skincare routine. My routine has changed more recently as I’ve been getting really dry patches on my face and a lot for spots have appeared. I never really get spots and I feel its because of the change in weather and having to wear masks in most places for now.


These products all from there new naturally good range! This means that the products have been sourced from a natural origin.


I often forget to use tonic’s in my routine but I’ve been using this organic green tea cleansing tonic on a morning and on a evening and I can see a difference. This removes any remaining make up and leaves your skin feeling super clean and refreshed.


I pop a little bit onto a cotton pad and rub in circular motions around my face and over my eyelids. I love how my skin feels after using this. Next I go in with the day cream.


This day cream is suitable for all skin types but mainly aimed at sensitive skin. This products leaves you skin feeling  moisturised for 24hours which for me is perfect!. It helps to reduce any redness you might have in your skin as helps to soothe out any irritations.


I apply this to my face and neck every morning and as you can see my skin looks glowy and smooth looking. Perfect way to get rid of my dry skin. It’s also made up from organic chamomile.


I use this every evening and I just love how hydrated my skin feels when I wake up!. It honestly feels like I’ve just put the cream on!. I love this product, it’s by far my favourite night cream and I have tried a fair few. This product is enriched with organic organ oil. It helps to regenerate your skin during the night and gives off that well rested looking skin that we all need in our lives.

I adore all three of these products and strongly recommend them to anyone who reads this! You won’t be disappointed. All products have been dermatologically approved. I love how from using these for a week my skin looks so much better much more soft looking and hydrated. Perfect for that summer/autumn skincare needs.

What is your go to skincare brand?

Thank you for reading xxx

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5 thoughts on “|Nivea Summer Skin Campaign|

  1. Nivea is a brand I always trust that won’t break me out or be full of harsh chemicals. Thank you for sharing this post, all the products sounds amazing. I think I defo need to pick up a new Nivea day cream! xxx

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