|Visting York|

Hi everyone hope you’re all well. Not posted in a while as I often don’t know if people still read blogs or just stick to watching Instagram stories. Let me know what you guys do, I’d love to know!.

Anyhoo I recently took a little trip with my friend to celebrate my 31st birthday and to get anyway from all this covid stuff. York is full of culture and is very popular with tourists. It relies like most little places on people coming from all over to visit, weather it’s for a day trip or a little staycation. There’s plenty of things to do such as: visit the minister, the museums, the dungeons, the Viking centre, river cruises, ghost walks if your staying over night, sightseeing on the York bus (hop on hop off) , the national railway museum and a little shopping in the shambles. Plenty of places to eat and drink as well however with the pandemic a lot of places you have to pre book.

A change of scenery was well and truly needed. I’ve always loved visiting York ever since I was a child, so I’ve lots of fond memories. This time was a little different as it was much quieter than usual due to the pandemic. Nevertheless I had a lovely time and I much preferred it being less crowded as I managed to get some lovely little snaps and bits of video, because yes for once I actually did a youtube video too! I don’t vlog much and I really wanted to on this mini trip.

I loved our hotel which was about a 10 minute walk from the centre and not too far away from the train station. We spent most of our time wander around the shambles looking in all the independent shops, it was lovely but weird having to wear masks and in some places we had to que to enter.

With all the coronavirus rules and restrictions in place I felt safe wandering around, people were keeping the distance however in some of the smaller cobbles streets it was a little harder to distance but it was manageable. We had such a lovely little time and will most definitely be back again soon!.

If you’d like to see my little Vlog ( featuring some funny moments) then here is it. I had so much fun making it, really missed filming and editing!

Have you guys visited anywhere recently post covid? If so where and how did you find it?

Thank you for reading xxx

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4 thoughts on “|Visting York|

  1. I personally still read and love blogs, but since Covid I have noticed that less and less content creators I follow are posting or reacting with content. I think we are all still getting out of the writers block funk! I have never been to York but it has been on my travel bucket list for a while now, it looks so picturesque and the perfect city break. xxx

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    1. I know what you mean, I can never think of things to write about as I’m used to posting my days out ect. I just struggle to know what to post. Highly recommend York its so beautiful. I love visiting, never get bored of it haha xxx


  2. Happy Birthday!! I still really enjoy blogs because I can read while listening to music. I think there’s something special about a person’s writing voice that isn’t replicated in film/vlog mediums.


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