|Baking – Millionaire Shortbread|

Happy Sunday, hope you’re all doing well.

So as you are all aware I simply adore baking, I can sometimes get lost in the moment with it and love having days at home baking. I flicked through my recipe books and landed on the ‘Millionaire shortbread’ page. I LOVE a good shortbread and I’ve never made this recipe before so I thought I would give it a whirl, I do love a good challenge.

The Recipe:

For the base

100g butter

50g caster sugar (or golden caster sugar – I used golden)

150g plain flour

For the Caramel

100g butter

75g caster sugar (or golden)

2/3 tbsp golden syrup

397g can of condensed milk (I used sweet condensed milk)

For the topping

100g Milk/or dark chocolate

I placed all of the ingredients for the base into a bowl and and crumbled the mixture so it looked like breadcrumbs before kneading it together so it formed into a dough. Placed it into the baking tin and pressed it down firmly so it covered the tin, before popping it into a pre heated oven (180 degrees) for 20 minutes to bake.

Once out of the oven I left it until it was cool. Once cooled I began to do the caramel. I gently heated the ingredients in a pan on a medium heat for 2 minutes. I’ve never made caramel before and the book I was using didn’t state how long to cook it for hence why it came out a little underdone. You actually cook/boil the caramel for around 10-15 minutes stiring continuously until the caramel thickens and turns into a nice golden colour (unlike mine haha). Once that was done I poured it onto the shortbread base and left it to cool down.

After the caramel has cooled down completely I broke my chocolate into smaller pieces and placed into a bowl over a saucepan of water to melt it. Once melted I poured the final layer into the tin and left to set. After it had set I decorated the top with edible gold glitter. I use the little pot one as thats all I could get, I think it would of been easier with the spray on glitter.

Despite the caramel not being cooked to it’s full potential it actually tastes rather nice. I LOVE a good shortbread so these have gone down a right little treat!. However it’s very hard to cut because the caramel literally just pours out and goes EVERYWHERE but it’s tastes good so I’m not too fussed in my hands being covered in caramel haha. This bake didn’t take long to do and it’s very simple to do as well (aside from my mistake with the caramel).

What is your go to bake? Mine used to be cupcakes purely because there easy to do but I am loving experimenting and baking different things. I will definitely be baking this again in the future.

Hope you’ve liked this little post. Thank you kindly for reading xxx

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14 thoughts on “|Baking – Millionaire Shortbread|

  1. I tried a similar recipe earlier this year that called for dates for the filling. Since then, Medjool dates have become my new favorite thing, ha. My go-to bake has still been a classic chocolate chip cookie.

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