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Happy Sunday, hope your all doing well despite being in a second national lockdown (if you live in the UK).

Since coming out of the first national lockdown by skin has drastically changed due to having to wear masks for a long period of time at work. I get one or two new spots every other day and some have been VERY angry looking. I’ve never suffered with acne and only really get the odd spot when it’s that time of the month, so this spotty skin has driven me round the bend. I’m glad I have to wear a mask so no-one can see how bad my skin has gotten since the beginning of July.

After doing a little research and talking to a few of my friends who’s in the same boat I decided I needed to really concentrate that bit more on my skin. I have found that these three products have been a life saver for me personally as they might not work for everyone!.

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Cleanser

This is a foam cleanser that is enriched with tea tree oil which helps your skins complexion against blemishes. Not only does it help against blemishes but it also helps to calm the skin down and make it smoother and less oily. As it’s a foam texture it helps to unclog the pores and gets rid of any excess oil your skin may have. I have been using this religiously morning and evening as by goodness I can see a huge huge different in my skin and my spots. My spots have became calmer and less red. My skin feels amazing and very refreshed I also feel for me personally that from using this twice a day I’m getting less spots. I hate hate hate the smell of tea tree never have liked it so I don’t tend to use these types of products but this is a mildly scented products and a one I will be purchasing again.

Dermalogica – Hydro exfoliant mask

This product is my middle of the week quick 5 minute face mask which leaves my skin feeling and looking smooth. This is a hydrating mask which allows you to control how much how much exfoliation your skin receives whenever you use the product. The creamy based mask is designed with touch-activated spheres that burst when you apply pressure. These spheres release Bamboo particles that can then be used to buff away at the surface of your skin. I just adore this product and how it leaves my skin looking. It says to leave on for 3-5 minutes or longer if you want more hydration. Depending on how much time I have or how tired I am I often leave mine on for up to 10 minutes.

Nivea – Naturally good face night cream

I’ve been using this for a good few months now to the point where I’m almost running out. This is a regenerating night cream that is made up of 99% ingredients of natural origin*. This gorgeous formula is made with organic Argan Oil which helps your skin regenerate during the night, leaving it supple the next morning. I love lathering my face on a night with this and I can feel how hydrated and rested my skin is the next day. Perfect for this time of year.

I highly recommend all of these products they have really helped me this year.

What are your fave products you have used this year where you have really seen a difference to your skin?

Thank you for reading xxx

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20 thoughts on “|Current Skincare Faves|

  1. Some nice favourites here ๐Ÿ‘ A skincare product I’ve used throughout this year that made a big difference to my skin is the Isntree Hylauronic Acid Toner Plus. It really helps retain the right moisture-oil balance for my skin, it’s affordable and can be used in versatile ways.

    ( simplyemsblog.wordpress.com )


    1. Ooooo I love this sound of this! I’ve been using the ordinary hyaluronic acid but half the time keep forgetting to put it on haha. Pleased you’ve found something that works for you ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. My skin has been HATING masks too – the bodyshop’s tea tree products are some of my faves! I’ve found using a good toner and facial spray throughout the day really helps my skin not get too oily and spotty too xx


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