|Things I’ve done in lockdown 2.0|

Happy Monday the last Monday in this second lockdown. Yup as of tomorrow we will no longer be in a second national lockdown, but instead being places into tiers. My area is going into tier 3 which is the highest meaning that all hospitality and indoor venues such as cinemas ect can’t open. I work in retail so I’m back at work this week yay! whilst I do enjoy being at home I also love a routine of getting up and going out to work, feels odd not being able to so I’m a little excited to be back (for now because lets face it next year we’ll probably be lockdown again)

Anyhoo enough of me rambling on I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been doing in this second lockdown (which isn’t really much)

1.Coffee drinking

I am 100% a tea/hot chocolate drinker but for some reason I’ve recently started drinking coffee. Ever since I was little I always HATED the smell of coffee even going into a coffee shop I couldn’t bare the smell, but with all the different flavours you can get I decided one day to give it a whirl. I went with a friend as you can meet up with one person from another household and we went out to a local independent coffee shop. I kept my order simple and went for a caramel latte. I am now loving having a coffee a day AND because of this I am awake ALL day, usual I tend to have a nap in the afternoon when I’m not doing much. I love have the extra time in my day to get more things done, why have I not tried this sooner!

2. Marble tray bake

I’ve never attempted to bake anything marble/two toned before so this was interesting. It tasted sooo nice it didn’t last long in my house. Recipe coming soon.

3. Supporting local businesses

I kept seeing people on my Instagram sharing local businesses and I came across one in Newcastle that does prints of the North East area from Newcastle’s angle of the north, to the tyne bridge, to South Shields to Tynemouth and other local areas. I seen that they had this which is of our beautiful pier in Sunderland and I just had to purchase it, I adore it so much! I did buy the frame separately and they do things such as tees, hats tote bags and postcards. So pleased I did a little bit to support local businesses as that’s very much important and needed right now!. Good little deed :).

4. Daily walks

Getting outside and getting some fresh air is definitely well needed. I also feel more energised and motivated after a little walk. I was also pleased my local park was still very much in Autumn at the beginning of the second lockdown as it’s my all time favourite season. I love it when the park is empty with the odd person here and there, it’s just so nice and peaceful.

5 Building a flat pack stool

Never in my life have I built up anything flat packed I always get my dad to do it but this time I really wanted to do it myself and I DID IT!!!! Granted it did take a little longer as I’d screwed it the wrong way so I had to start again but I got there in the end and I just love it. Pat on the back for me haha.

6. Bought a Christmas wreath

Like a lot of people we have put our tree up early, not as early as some people but early for us. I seen this wreath a few weeks ago on our walk and I just fell in love with it. I picked it up the other day and couldn’t wait to hang it on the door. I mean I adored last year’s wreath but this one is just oh my goodness I could look at it all day. So pleased I purchased it as I wasn’t going to but decided why the heck not after this awful year!.

I’ve also got back into exercise and reading again. Played animal crossing (how cute was Autumn), made a tearaway bra for burlesque (learnt how to sew poppers on which was hard but I got the hang of it) had a weekly coffee with a friend and that’s about it!. Oh and I’ve really got into watching I’m a celeb I’ve not watched it for years but there’s something about it being filmed in a castle that I am loving!!!!!

What have you done in this second lockdown?

Thank you for reading xxx

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2 thoughts on “|Things I’ve done in lockdown 2.0|

  1. Going out for walks every day is so important, this year has definitely made me appreciate the smaller things and made me realise what I can’t take for granted! The marble traybake looks delicious and I can’t wait to read the recipe, thank you for sharing xxx

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