|The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2020|

Hello my lovelies hope you are all well.

This year instead of showing my advent calendar every few days I thought I’d wait and do it as one big one. I’ve always wanted ‘the big one’ from the body shop and made it my little mission to get it. It cost £130 but the contents inside was I think if I remember correctly worth £225. It was a little bit expensive but after this year I thought I would just treat myself because why the heck not, we all need to treat ourselves once in a while. So here’s what I got inside the calendar.

This calendar is a 25day one which I was very excited by, we all know how much I adore the body shop products so this was right up my alley. As I began to open it daily I came across products I already had tried and loved and came across ALOT of new ones that I can’t wait to try out.

What I love about this calendar is that fact that its a good mixture of all there popular products from face masks, to face wash, to body lotions to hand lotions, to lipsticks to mascara I just loved it. I’ve already started to use the drops of youth concentrate daily and I can already see a difference from on 5 days of using it. My skin is much more bouncier and less tight. I am keeping some of the products for holiday (providing it goes ahead) I love taking a little bit of heaven away with me in my products.

Overall I love this calendar but I wouldn’t purchase it again. I feel its one of them where you buy it just to say you’ve had it type thing but next year I think I’ll stick to a chocolate advent haha. I honestly now have enough products to last me throughout the year which is another good reason behind why I decided to purchase this calendar, it helps me save money in the long run as lets be honest I have 3 body washes to get through haha.

Did you have a beauty advent calendar this year? I would love to know which one!

Thank you for reading xxx

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