|Baking – White Chocolate and Cranberry rings|

Happy Sunday, I hope you are all well.

Just before Christmas I purchased my very own Be-Ro book. When I was a kid my nana had one (I still have it) and we used to bake from it. It was our thing and I know she would love the fact that I have my own one that has been updated with lots and delicious looking bakes. To get your own 41st edition head to the website https://www.be-ro.co.uk The Be-Ro original book was first published in 1923! and is one of the best selling cook books.

As I started to flick through I noticed these rings and thought seeing as it was (at the time I made them) coming up to Christmas I would make them.

The Recipe:

6oz Be-Ro plain flour

4oz Butter

2oz caster sugar

2oz dried cranberries

1oz white chocolate chips

I preheated the oven to 150 degrees and greased my baking tray. I added the flour into a bowl and rubbed in the butter. I then stirred the rest of the ingredients together and kneaded into a paste. I rolled it out onto a lightly floured surface and been cutting the rings using my fluted cutters. I baked for around 12-15 or until they were pale/golden in colour.

I loved baking these they were quick, simple and easy to do. They tasted soooo nice and like always went down a treat in my house. They tasted like Christmas with the cranberries, anyone else tend to just eat cranberries around the festive season. They just instantly add Christmas to your bakes. Highly recommend baking this at Christmas time you won’t be disappointed unless your not a fan of cranberries haha. As you can see I tied a little bit of string around and hung them on the tree that bit is completely optional.

There’s so many bakes I want to do from this little book as well as from the two new addition cook books I got for Christmas, I can’t wait to get my bake on more this year as well as cooking actual food. There’s just something about cooking that I absolutely adore. It’s like free therapy haha.

Thank you for reading xxx

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