|Finding a routine in lockdown|

Happy Friday, hope you’re all well.

As we are upon another week in national lockdown here in the UK I thought I’d share my thoughts/my little routine on how to get through the days. Mine little changes daily as I do have days where I literally don’t want to do a damm thing except sit on my bum and drink tea on the sofa with my blanket. I’m sure most of you are in the same boat and can relate that motivation at the moment is harder especially as it’s the winter as well with the dark mornings and evenings. I’m back to on furlough so I do try to make my days a little different just so not all my days look the same, which is very challenging but it’s working so far. So heres a five little things that I have been doing with my days.

Reading I purchased this book last year and have only just got round to starting it. I’ve set myself a little challenge to read at least one chapter a day, which I know it’s a lot but its a big old book. I am absolutely loving ti so far, I’m now 8 chapters in and I’m hooked. It’s so interesting reading from Edwards perspective as you don’t get that in the other books or in the films tbh. If you’re not sure what this book is it’s from the twilight saga. I love settling down on a afternoon or starting my morning by reading whilst naturally having a brew. I love reading and I’ve really enjoyed getting back into it this past year, usually I only tend to read a book on holiday so making that extra time to read has been amazing for me.

Daily walks I adore being by the sea it just makes me forget about things and breathing in the sea air is just something else. I recently went to a beach that’s not the ‘main’ beach in my area that many people go to as theres no toilets no cafes and no sand haha. It was super peaceful and just what I needed. I try to go for a walk every other day as exercise and fresh air is the best medicine. I love the feel of the freshness on my skin and despite never really liking walks when I was a kid, I’m finding that in my 30s I am obsessed with them!.

Exercise In the first lockdown I started my fitness journey which became very on/off with the whole being on furlough being at work then back on furlough ect. Now that were back in another lockdown I’m embracing exercise and getting back into it. I’m very motivated not to lose weight but to tone but my stomach, lose that lower belly fat and in general be fitter as I’m not very fit in terms of running of the bus haha. I like to do a workout in the morning rather than afternoon/late evenings as it helps set me up for the rest of the day and makes me feel more motivated. I am loving how it feel after just a 15 minute workout, I highly recommend just to get the body moving and to release those endorphins.

Baking We all know I love a good baking session and I’ve been trying to bake something new every week as well as cook an actual meal as well. I have quite the collection of cook books and baking books so I love nothing more than sitting down, going through them and picking out my meals for the week ahead. Even just thinking about that I’m going to have for my breakfast or lunch I feel excited to do something with my day.

Self care I am absolutely loving wearing no make up and really giving my skin some good ol’ TLC lord knows it needs it. I try to stick to a ‘routine’ especially on an evening. I’ve been trying out some new products and still have a load to try from the advent calendar which I’m excited about as I love the body shop! I just need to remember to apply body lotion to my body and not just think about my facial skincare routine. I’ve also been loving taking some time for myself and having even just half an hour on a morning to myself before anyone else gets up and having a cup of tea in silence. I sometimes set an alarm for 8am ish and other days I like to just let my body wake up when its ready too. Getting dressed for the day is also something I’ve been doing as it motivates me into being productive rather than having my pjs on all day. However that being said I do have a pj day at least once or twice a week. I’ve also been loving watching Netflix again and binge watching things.

What have you been doing to keep motivated this lockdown? I would love to know, any recommendations?

Thank you for reading xxx

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8 thoughts on “|Finding a routine in lockdown|

  1. I think that I’m now into quite a nice routine which feels good. I am exercising everyday and eating healthy food which is great. I’d like to jazz up my weekends a bit, they’re very samey right now!



    1. I’m a little jealous haha. I’ve lost my workout motivation not worked out for 2 weeks now whilst I’ve tried to go for walks its not the same. I also try and change what I’m going daily so there different but its sometimes quite hard. Pleased you’ve found a routine 🙂


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