|Taking Care of Yourself|

Happy Monday, hope you all had a lovely weekend!

As we are halfway through another month of Lockdown here in the UK I’ve started putting myself and my needs first in terms of looking after myself and doing things I love. Some days I love nothing more than getting my steps in and going for a walk no matter what the weather, some I love baking and eating yummy foods and others I like to really go to town with my skincare. By doing the things I love I’ve found I’ve became a little less stressed and I have way less headaches (well maybe thats down to my afternoon naps haha). I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite things that have recently helped me out and that I’ve loved throughout 2021 so far.

As you can see there’s a good mixture of products in there. And as you might of guessed by now this post of sort of like a monthly faves post. Let’s get started!

Salted Caramel Chocolate spread. I am completely obsessed with this if you’ve not tried it out yet them you need to I promise you won’t regret it, well unless your not a fan of salted caramel. I picked this up a while ago for £2 and it tastes like heaven. I’ve been having it on toast or on toasted muffins for breakfast and it really lifts my mood as it’s just sooooo good!. I’m almost out of this now so I will definitely be re-purchasing.

Hyaluronic acid. I bought this in the first lockdown and to be honest I kept forgetting about it but recently I’ve been using it twice a day and I’ve seen a change in my skin. It’s much more bouncy and my pores are a little less visible. I have been going between this one and drops of youth from the body shop as I love them both!. Adding this to my skincare routine has been a game changer, don’t know why I’ve never used a product like this before. As I’m getting older my skin is changing more by the day so this I use after I’ve cleanser my skin and before I pop any moisturiser on. Highly recommend.

Wax melts. I love nothing more than putting a wax melt in the burner as I start to settle down for the evening. I feel it helps me relax more before I go to sleep and that burning with a cosy lamp really sets the winding down time mood. I’ve started watching One Tree Hill on a night as I used to watch it when it was first on TV many years ago and I am obsessed. Nothing better than a good film or TV series on a cold winters night. As you can see I’m still burning autumnal scents but I have a shed load and they smell amazing so why not. I’m trying to use up what I have before I purchased anything new.

Hand cream. With having to wash our hands more than we would normally I’ve found my skin is breaking more around the fingernails and just looks awful, so I’ve been using this Nivea intensive cream on an evening before I go to bed and even when I’ve been out for my daily exercise. It’s jam packed with almond oil and the difference in my hands after one usage WOW I am impressed! Plus it smells incredible. I love a good hand cream and can’t recommend this one enough.

Midnight Sun. If your a fan of twilight then this is the book for you!. It’s super interesting as this book is all Edwards view and I am in love with it. I’ve been enjoying having more time to read and setting time aside to read has been good for my mind. I love getting lost in books and this one is just brilliantly written. I’ve been reading a chapter a day which I know seems stupid especially if you get lost in the book but just spending a hour a day reading is perfect. It fills a little part of my day with joy getting lost in the Edward and Bella saga although it does make me want to re-watch the films again.

What are you fave products or a fave part of your daily routine in lockdown?

Thank you for reading xxx

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15 thoughts on “|Taking Care of Yourself|

    1. Honestly it’s the best thing I’ve tried in a long time 🙂 I’m almost out of it so I shall be repurchasing. Totally agree we all need to look after ourselves in terms of this situation. Awww thank you so much xx

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    1. I know what you mean someday I forget to take care of myself in terms of doing things I love or having a nice bubble bath but on the days I do remember to take time for myself I always feel refreshed afterwards and like I’ve achieved something no matter how big or small.

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