|Baking – Easter Nests|

Happy Monday, it’s Easter week!

Seeing as it’s Easter this coming weekend I thought I’d share an Easter nest recipe again like the NYC cookies from is Jane Patisserie . I love making Easter nests as they are so quick and easy to do if your short on time but fancy a little something to snack on. I usually make cornflake cakes or Rice Krispie cakes BUT when I seen these I just has to give them a whirl.

The Recipe:

200g Milk Chocolate

200g Dark Chocolate

100g Golden Syrup

100g Butter

6-8 Full size Shredded Wheat

Mini eggs or chocolate eggs to decorate

I started by crushing the shredded wheat into small pieces into a large bowl and put aside for later. Next I on a low heat added the butter and syrup into a pan and waited for it to melt. I then added in the chocolate. I don’t like dark milk so I used 400g of milk chocolate. I kept this on the heat until the chocolate had melted into the butter and syrup. I wasn’t sure what it was meant to look like as usually whenever I do cornflake cakes I don’t add butter and syrup so it looked to me like the ingredients were starting to come apart from one another yet the chocolate remained smooth. I decided to just go with it and pour it over the shredded wheat until it was all covered.

I lined my baking tray with baking paper and then using a tablespoon scooped the chocolate covered shredded wheat onto the paper making a little whole in the middle for the chocolate eggs to sit. This recipe makes 15 nests but you can easily make more or less depending on how many you want to do. I think I made about 10 ish. Once all scooped onto the paper I added in my eggs. I used milkybar eggs and smarties. I then left them in the fridge to set for about half and hour/ until solid.

I’ve never tried shredded wheat so I wasn’t too keen on the texture of these but as they are covered in chocolate they don’t taste that bad. I feel they don’t look like nests but I think that’s because I left them in the fridge too long or because I didn’t shape them properly BUT that being said I quite like them. Because these have butter and syrup in they are a little more chewy that what I was expecting. Highly recommend trying these out if your fancying a little change from the usual Easter nests.

Have you done any baking recently?

Thank you for reading xxx

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