|March Round Up|

Happy Easter Weekend!

March has been yet another quite month as we have still been in lockdown. I know some rules have changed in the recent weeks i.e from the 8th March you could meet one other person outside for a coffee, and from 29th March the rule of 6 or two household meets up are allowed outside/in gardens. The stay at home rule is now officially over (hopefully for good this time everything crossed!) and you can travel outside of your local area but travel is to be minimised and avoided at busier times where possible. So so excited about this like I’m sure most of us are by now AND I’m finally back at work from 8th April yay! I can’t actually wait. Anyhoo here’s a little round up of what I got up too in March.

Mother’s Day.

This isn’t the best photo to show off these gorgeous flowers I got my mam for Mother’s Day. They were beautiful and lasted well over 2 weeks!. As well as these flowers I made her some plain scones with jam and cream. I have posted the recipe on here if you’d like to check them out and make them for yourselfs. Usually I make up a little hamper of some of my mams fave things but with everywhere being closed I opted for flowers instead as she adores them too!.

Beach Evenings.

I absolutely adore our coastline. Every time I visit I always tell myself I’ll spend more time there and I never do BUT I have spent a few evenings there and it’s been lovely!. Gorgeous summer evening vibes. I’ve been going late afternoon ish when it’s been busy but not too busy. I just find being by the sea really calming and it’s a great walk to get those steps in. I’ve recently purchased a fitness band and I love it. Its motivating me to get out more. Nothing beats good old fresh air.


I’m not usually one for gardening it was always something my nan used to do and my mam does BUT this time I’ve become obsessed. I’ve repainted our garden fence, bought a shelf ladder for plant pots, bought some strawberries and some grow bags for them, bought this cute little planter and started painting my own plant pots. I can’t wait to see how my strawberries turn out I’ve never attempt to grow my own before so I’m VERY excited!!!!!.

Port Of Call Takeaway.

We very rarely get takeaway’s and I’ve been craving one from one of my fave restaurants/pubs for three weeks, so as soon as payday hit I ordered one and by god it was so worth the wait!. I ordered top dog fries seeing as they’ve taken them off the menu in the restaurant but they are available on the just eat app. We also ordered cheese burger type wraps that came with more fries. It tasted soooo good. Definitely the best treat of lockdown.

Other than the above I’ve mainly been reading and baking with the occasional playing of animal crossing (I am currently loving the easter and cherry blossom theme as we miss it last year). Netflix wise I have binged watched Ginny and Georgia which I LOVED and The one which I wasn’t overly keen on and knew the ending but watched anyway, anyone else do that?

April let’s have ya! I’m looking forward to getting back into a work routine, seeing my friends, hopefully get out and visit a few places and maybe even visit a beer garden if I can get booked in.

What are you looking forward to about April?

Thank you for reading xxx

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7 thoughts on “|March Round Up|

  1. Love round-ups post! Gardening can be so relaxing and love to see growing the plants, I am more of an indoor plants person as I don’t have space outside, but still waiting for some strawberries to grow! Thank you for sharing x

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    1. OOO I’m awful as house plants the one in our living room is dying a long death haha. I can’t wait for my strawberries to grow (need to plant them first) so pleased your waiting for strawbs too haha x

      Liked by 1 person

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