|Newby Hall – OOTD 2021|

Happy first week out of lockdown. Hope you all had a lovey Easter weekend!

Back in 2019 I used to post my outfit’s quite a lot and you guys seemed to really enjoy them SO I’ve decided to bring them back and start remembering to do them. I love discovering new clothing ranges when it comes to shopping. In the last year I’ve discovered Nasty Gal and In the style, whilst they have been around for a while I’ve never really looked on there websites but my goodness where have I been!. So now I’ve added them and Zara to my places to clothes search I am one happy gal. That being said there’s nothing better than walking into a shop and actually looking at what you are buying in person. I for one as much as I’m not a huge fan of shopping will definitely be having a good ol’ nebb in the shops when they open next week!. How exciting a little bit of normality back into our lives. Anyhoo here’s one of my weekend outfit’s.

The weather was a little hit and miss and whilst it did get out sunny in the afternoon I was super pleased I had my coat on!. I’ve really missed using my little backpack which I picked up a few years ago from Urban Outfitters. They just so handy to put stuff in that you need for a day out especially now with all the extra washing of the hands I tend up carry hand sanitiser and hand cream in my bags a lot more than before. It saves my pockets being weighed down and risking dropping anything like, my camera or phone out of my pockets if I get too hot and want to take it off.

So I picked up this cute jumper a few month ago wasn’t intending on purchasing anything I was merely just browser but I fell in love with it and had to purchase!. It’s too soft and very comfy to wear I just adore it. It’s from ASOS and it cost £30. I love the detailing of it and the colour I’m obsessed with. It can be paired with dark jeans like I have here or light jeans, leather skirts, denim skirts even shorts! Whatever floats your boat. I will definitely be purchasing more jumpers from ASOS in the Autumn as I love the price ranges and the quality of them.

I’m also still loving this coat which I got from Topshop. We all know Topshop is no longer on our high streets which for me is very sad as I shop there alot and it feels weird knowing that I can’t walk into a store but ASOS have taken over and you can purchase it online on there website PERFECT! I love the colour of this coat and the length of it. Whilst it doesn’t have a hood it has really deep pockets in to warm the hands up. I also adore the big button detailing of this coat. I think this was around £65 which is a reasonable price for a good decent quality coat.

My jeans are from Topshop and I’ve paired them with my Dr.Martens. I got a pair for Christmas and my goodness I can’t believe I’ve not had a pair sooner there super super comfy on the feet! People did warn me about blisters but I worn them for a few weeks never got any then one day on my daily walk a blister appeared and I got put off wearing them haha. I love how Docs can be worn to make any outfit casual even a dress or skirt. They literally for me personally got with any style! I love them.

What’s one clothing purchase you have made in lockdown that you absolutely love? Mine is definitely that jumper!

Thank you for reading xx

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13 thoughts on “|Newby Hall – OOTD 2021|

  1. I love that jumper on you! I bought such a comfy coat during lockdown – kinda gutted that I won’t be able to wear it as much when it gets warmer haha

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  2. What a cute jumper! Love the pearl details. It’s so chic. I’ve purchased a lot of stuff online during the lockdown, and my current fave is a Chambray Shirt Dress.


  3. Absolutely love the coat and the jumper! As soon as I got my first pair of Docs i was totally in love and bought even more! The pictures and landscape is amazing, thank you for sharing x

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