|Kiplin Hall – OOTD 2021|

Happy Thursday, hope you’re all having a lovely week!

I recently took a trip to Kiplin Hall which I’ve been to a few times before. It’s roughly about an hours drive away in North Yorkshire. The annual ticket price for an adult is £12 and for children it’s £6 (under 5’s go for free). I love that it’s an annual pass as it’s just a lovely little place with plenty of things to do. There’s the hall (which isn’t open just yet) the gorgeous gardens, woodland walks, lake walks and you can even walk through the sheep field and see all the little springtime lambs. It’s lovely seeing the season change and the difference the sunshine makes.

I’m totally obsessed with shackets! I have two and there both from Zara. Zara’s a place where I haven’t really shopped in before until recently and I love it. After seeing a few people wearing shackets I just knew I had to get on the band wagon, I haven’t looked back since. There super easy to style and it makes a good change from wearing a big old winter coat. I love that you can get different thickness’s as this one is a lot thicker and warm than my other one. Perfect for when the weather can’t make it’s mind up what it wants to do. I don’t often wear anything pink either but when I seen this I instantly fell in love with it. Super soft and cosy.

The sun really came out and we started our woodland walk so off came the shacket. I love this green cord shirt from Zara. It comes in a few different colours but this one was the one I was more drawn too. Paired underneath with my stranger things tee from the Mens section in Primark. I love browsing the mens tee section as I feel they sometimes have better designs than the womens. The jeans are from River Island again like the shackets super comfy and high waisted. I love anything high waisted always makes me feel good. Can’t beat a good pair of comfy jeans, Usually topshop jeans are my go to but I’ve recently started purchasing them from River Island and I love them there quality and price is pretty much the same.

On the feet are my good trusty Doc Martens!. As much as I loveeeee wearing them I can’t wait to wear trainers as the summer months get closer and closer!.

What is your go to clothing store? Mine is topshop or new look.

Thank you for reading xxx

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