|April Round Up|

How is it the 11th May already, I feel like It’s flying by! Hope you’re all well.

For me April was such a busy month so busy that I’ve barely had time to blog, it’s kind gone back on the back burner!. My April started off by preforming in a few online burlesque shows which was fabulous. I had 3 days out exploring, a couple of trips to the metre-centre shopping, a few exciting emails, a few beer gardens AND I was finally back at work.

Days Out.

Newby Hall
Kiplin Hall
Beningbrough Hall

All of the halls haha. All three offered something different and it was so lovely to be able to get back out exploring again. All pre booked places which I feel is a good thing at the moment as we’d not want to turn up and get turned away. I love seeing spring and seeing what different places have to offer. I was blown away by the tulip display at Beningbrough, such an array of colour. The purple and white tulips were my faves!

Cherry Blossoms and baby lambs.

Two of my fave things about spring!. I’ve always loved cherry blossoms and seeing them in full bloom just instantly makes me smile, as does baby lambs. Whilst this isn’t the best photo it was the only decent one as most of them were of there behinds haha. Sooo cute I just want to give them a cuddle haha. I’ve seen so many cherry blossoms and baby lambs these past few weeks it’s made me feel happy and excited for the months ahead.

Beer gardens and beach chips.

Images taken from my Insta stories as I forgot to take normal ones. Whilst I’m pleased pubs and restaurants are open again I am not a fan of sitting in the cold haha. It was so lovely catching up with my friend though and we did in the end manage to get ourselves under the heater and ended up staying out for quite some time! However I can’t wait for next week when indoor dining is allowed. I also had a long walk to the beach and back and couldn’t not say no to some chips. These were soooo good double fried and just the right amount of salt and vinegar. The perfect little beach treat. As is was April I didn’t get an ice cream instead I treated myself to a coffee.

As well as all of that I was finally back at work and it felt amazing, seeing other people and seeing life again. Being back into. a routine is just great as I feel my days have more purpose to them and it means on my days off I’m able to do things like go shopping again go to an outdoor cafe ect and travel to close by cities. The options are endless now that things are/have opened back up again.

Other things I have done in April is I bought a new book which I’m halfway through which is ‘The confession’ by Jessie Burton. I am really enjoying it and I love that I’m making time to still read even though my days are busy. Ive binge watched ‘ the bold type’ on Netflix I was gripped. I now want to work for a fashion magazine haha. I also purchased a pair of vans!!!!! I love them so easy to style with an outfit and very comfy to wear on a day out.

What did you get up to?

Thank you for reading xxx

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6 thoughts on “|April Round Up|

  1. These are lovely photos – that little lamb is beautiful! I’m glad you had a great April. Hoping that your May is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


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