|May Round Up|

Yayyyyy it’s finally June after what feels like a lifetime. I love the lighter mornings and evenings they just always brighten up my mood. I hope June brings us lots and lots of sunshine after an awful April/May.

May has been another hectic month for me with work so I haven’t really been able to blog much let alone do much really BUT what I have done in May I’ve enjoyed and life is all about enjoying yourself even just the little things in the day like sitting down and having a hot cup of tea instead of a cold/luke warm one!.


I’ve honestly been waiting for this day to come ever since the pandemic first started last year and to finally have it feels like a weight has been lifted and life can hopefully get back to normal. I am soooo ready for that now. I’m not a fan of needles and I honestly don’t remember the last time I had an injection against a virus so I was a little nervous especially on the way there. It was all over in a matter of seconds and I don’t know what I was so worried about. Didn’t feel a thing but I did however have a sore arm that lasted a week (got better as the days went on) and I did get very tired and have cold like symptoms that were gone when I woke up the next day. I’m so proud of the vaccine rollout here in the UK I think they’ve done a fantastic job. Roll on the second one!.

Press invite to the Hard Rock Cafe opening.

What a blooming honour this was! I love visiting Hard Rock Cafes and now Newcastle finally has one of it own. I had the best time ever and not going to lie I was a little bit emotional as they had a live singer on, drinks on arrival a speech from the team including the new owners and the staff were just so into their jobs and very passionate about everything it was so lovely to see. I also loved seeing all the memorabilia from Ed Sherran to Amy Winehouse to Sting to Taylor Swift to Van Halen to Metallica to AC/DC. Wow and the food is amazing highly recommend checking out any Hard Rock cafe you won’t regret it, it is a little pricey but perfect for a special occasion.

Days out.

Top two images are from Ripley Castle and the last photo is from Cragside National Trust. I loved being back exploring at the National Trust and Cragside is one of my fave places of Northumberland to visit. Pre booking for national trust is essential but well worth it. Ripley Castle is in Ripon, North Yorkshire and is somewhere we’ve like Cragside been to a fair few times now. Its £5 per adult entry no pre booking necessary and is just lovely to wander around. Riple village has THE BEST ice cream so naturally I had to get out and it was the perfect way to end the day.

The Friends Reunion.

I mean this was something else if you’re a friends fan. I adore friends even now I just love it as much as I did when it first came out. It’s literally my comfort blanket. I first started watching friends when I was I think possibly 10/11 when season 7 was out, I remember having it on VHS and just instantly falling in love with them. As VHS’s were on the decrease and dads were in I started getting the dvd’s for christmases and birthdays until finally the whole boxset of all the seasons came out and it was AMAZING to be able to watch it from the beginning and not just season 7 onwards haha. I’ve waited 17 years to see them all back together on TV again and it was so magical I cried throughout and learnt some things I didn’t know. If you’ve not watched friends before then why not give it a whirl! It still makes me howl with laughter even though I’ve seen them all before.

Other things I’ve done in May: got my hair done, finished another book, ate indoors a few times, did more gardening, booked a trip to London for July and sorted through my wardrobes swapping the jumpers for vest tops and bodysuits haha.

What have you been up to in May?

Thank you for reading xxx

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8 thoughts on “|May Round Up|

  1. I really enjoyed reading what you did in May and how your life is changing coming out of lockdown. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you ever so kindly. I feel I don’t do much in the months but when it comes to doing these posts. I’m glad I’ve started doing them its nice to look back on things 🙂 Hope you are well


  2. i am so glad you are able to get vaccinated! i hope your life starts returning to normal slowly and loved seeing all the amazing things you’ve gotten to do in may :))

    Liked by 1 person

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