|Beauty and the Beast – Musical|

Happy Thursday and Happy February!

Last night I was back visiting my local theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast musical and oh my goodness what a show! I absolutely adore my local theatre which is the Sunderland Empire and have been going since I was little.

This classic and definitely beloved ‘tale as old as time’ has been brought to life on stage like never before. After 27 years since its Broadway debut, members of the original creative team have reunited once again on this beautiful new production that features all of the spellbinding songs including Belle, Gaston, Be Our Guest and, of course, Beauty and the Beast.

I’m a huge Disney fan and whilst Beauty and the Beast isn’t my fave I absolutely adored this musical from start to finish.

The whole cast was incredible and totally blew me away. My faves have to of been Mrs Potts played by Sam Bailey, Lumiere played by Gavin Lee and not forgetting Belle played by the wonderful Courtney Stapleton. A truly magical show from the start to finish with the fantastic enchanting moments to the incredible wow moment of the ‘Be Our Guest’ now that on it’s own was on another level of WOW. I also adored the part where Belle came out in the beautiful princess gown and danced with the beast for ‘Tale as old as time’ let me tell you it was magnificent! Me and my mam throughly enjoyed it and tears were shed as it’s my mams all time favourite Disney films. The audience atmosphere was amazing . There really is no age limit on Disney fans or theatre fans either, from little girls dressed in there beautiful Belle dresses to elderly couples to groups of friends last night’s audience was a good mixture of all.

I highly recommend anyone to see this musical you will love it and be singing along for sure! I know I went to sleep singing ‘A tale as old as time’. Couldn’t fault it. It’s here in Sunderland up until 19th February before moving onto Birmingham Hippodrome on March 3rd. To see all the tour dates and to book your tickets head over to https://www.beautyandthebeastmusical.co.uk/ You won’t be disappointed. A must see for everyone.

Have you been back to the theatre yet? OR what’s your all time fave Disney film? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading xxx

*All photos in the post apart from the first one have been taken from Google*

10 thoughts on “|Beauty and the Beast – Musical|

  1. Yes, have been back to the theatre- but that was last year

    Most likely the next Disney musical I will see will be Frozen—-which is already planned (June 2022).

    Only because Beauty and the Beast still isn’t back in the US——–It needs to come back, and I still haven’t seen it live and I really want to


    1. Frozen sounds amazing I’m possibly seeing it next month when I head down to London. I’ve heard amazing things. Fingers crossed you get to see Beauty and the beast as it’s absolutely incredible


      1. Only one small problem about Frozen- my favorite added song, “True Love” (meant for Anna), got cut once the US Tour came out

        So, now all productions don’t have it- no the best decision


    1. I’m yet to see the Lion king one! I think I’m seeing Frozen next month in London, me and my friend have a long list but we can only see one due to the other things we have planned while were there. Thank you for reading xx


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