|No Bake Malt Choc Cheesecake|

Happy Monday! Hope you’re all good.

We all know I loveeeee to bake whenever I have free time and this weekend was the perfect weekend for baking as it was cold outside. I will admit that I don’t ever think I’ve had a cheesecake before (no idea why as I love cheese and biscuits ect) I decided to attempt one after a week of really really wanting one haha. So let’s get to it!.

The Recipe:


300g malted milk biscuits

100g unsalted butter


300g milk chocolate

500g full fat soft cheese

75g icing sugar

100g malted milk drinking powder (horlicks)

1tsp vanilla extract

300ml double cream



To make the cheesecake I blended the biscuits in the food processor until it became a crumby texture. I melted my butter gently on low heat then added in the biscuits so i started to come together. Next I pressed the mixture gently down in a 20cm loose bottom cake tin until the base of the tin was fully covered. I then put it into the fridge to chill whilst I got on making the filling.

I melted in a heatproof bowl the chocolate (you can use white or dark or half so 150g milk 150g dark/white it’s entirely up to you) and let it cool down a little. In the food processor I added the icing sugar, the cheese, vanilla extract and the malted milk powder and whisked together until combined and smooth. Next I added in the chocolate and whisked again before adding the double cream and again whisking for the third time. Once all combined I poured the mixture over the biscuit base and popped it back into the fridge. You can take it out after around 6 hours but I left mine in overnight. After 30mins of setting I added my malteasers for decoration and put back into the fridge. You can decorate however you like I just like to keep mine simple.

As you can see my cheesecake was a success and it set how it was suppose to. I was worried it wouldn’t as I’ve never made one before BUT I did it!. So pleased with how it came out AND it tastes amazing. I love chocolate I love cheese and I love biscuits, whoever came up with cheesecakes I salute you! This recipe is by Janes Patisserie you can find her on Instagram, by her blog on google OR you can purchase her book!, I highly recommend giving this recipe a go or adapting it to suit you.

What have you recently baked or cooked that you are proud of?

Thank you for reading xxx

4 thoughts on “|No Bake Malt Choc Cheesecake|

  1. Say what!! No bake chocolate cheesecake😋. The cheesecake looks so smooth and buttery. I can feel it melting on my tastebuds as they raise their buds and sing glory hallelujah 🙌. Love the decorative malteaser you placed on top. I am sure it add another lever of flavor and texture.

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