Durham City

Last weekend (as I'm a little late on blogging- oppsss ) I had a lovely family day out with the parents in Durham, and WE HAD SUNSHINE! what a bonus that made to the day! We had a beautiful Sunday roast at a place called Cotton's Tea room and it tasted amazing, everything was homemade and I … Continue reading Durham City

From one busy week to another!

Not had much time to blog even though I have lots of things I want to blog about. Last week I did two shoots (one of which was a wedding renewal - exciting much!), then as well as that I was working most of the week, even worked in Hexham for two days AND on … Continue reading From one busy week to another!

Helloo :)

I'm currently in the process of building a NEW website, which is starting to take shape quite nicely :). Cant wait until it's finished and becomes LIVE. As well as the website making I've also been to Cardiff which was lovely and is now a place I would visit again in the future. (Photo's to … Continue reading Helloo 🙂