|I’m So Excited!|

Happy Mondayyyyy 🙂 I've quite a few things that I'm very much looking forward to  later this year and even next year!, yes that's right I'm already planning things for 2019!. I love planning things and making memories with my family and my friends. I also love planning things because planning makes me happy!. Im … Continue reading |I’m So Excited!|

Catch up with me – April Edition

Hello :). This month has been a busy one!. So many things to look forward to. First off at the beginning of the month I PREFORMED AT A BURLESQUE SHOW, yes I did it, I preformed with a fantastic group of beautiful ladies and then again on my own. The audience was great, it was just … Continue reading Catch up with me – April Edition

What a busy week!

Hello, I'm super sorry I missed out on doing a blog post on Wednesday, I've just been mega bloomin busy. I've been at work every day, plus uni and Burlesque and doing a photoshoot today!. On Wednesday I graduated from another fabulous Burlesque course ran by the amazing House of Trixie Blue. Gaahhhh I just … Continue reading What a busy week!