|Christmas Bakes – Peppermint Cupcakes|

Happy 1st December!!!!! I thought I'd kick off my December with some festive baking, and boy I had a lot of fun baking these!. After searching on Pinterest (I've now got a board set up for festive baking) I decided to bake some peppermint cupcakes. We all know by now how much I adore baking … Continue reading |Christmas Bakes – Peppermint Cupcakes|

|My Fave Thing’s About Christmas|

Happy Wednesday!, 20 days to go until Christmas!. It feels like it's going so quickly this month and I'm excited to see what Santa brings me. Christmas is one of my fave times (aside from Autumn) of the year, as I adore how festive places look and how cosy your house gets on a winters … Continue reading |My Fave Thing’s About Christmas|