Mothering sunday

Hello. Mother's day again today so I thought I would do a little post on my mam and what I bought her. Today we have chilled out as I've surprisingly been off work. Lots of tea has been involved throughout the day as we are huge tea lovers in our house. Homemade pizza for tea … Continue reading Mothering sunday

The blog where…. IT’S MY BIRTHDAYYYYY! (Part 1)

Hellloooo, today is my 26th birthdayyyyy, yes that's right I've now reached the over 25 stage in life and have joined the 26 crew haha. Thought I'd do a little blog before I head out to enjoy the rest of my day 🙂 Here's what I got as presents: I'm in love with all of my presents … Continue reading The blog where…. IT’S MY BIRTHDAYYYYY! (Part 1)