|January Round Up|

Happy Thursday aka last day of January 2019!. Gosh where has the month gone. This month has sometimes felt so long and then others felt like it's lasted more than a month. Anyone else feel like that? January has been quite a busy month for me and I've already ticked some things I wanted to … Continue reading |January Round Up|

|National Trust Sunday’s|

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you are all well. Yesterday in England it was Mother's Day and I would just like to say thank you to my amazing mam for everything she does for me, even at the age of 27 <3. Love you xxx. We decided that seeing as I was off work we would … Continue reading |National Trust Sunday’s|

What a busy week!

Hello, I'm super sorry I missed out on doing a blog post on Wednesday, I've just been mega bloomin busy. I've been at work every day, plus uni and Burlesque and doing a photoshoot today!. On Wednesday I graduated from another fabulous Burlesque course ran by the amazing House of Trixie Blue. Gaahhhh I just … Continue reading What a busy week!