New gallery added to the website

Hello, so the other day I mentioned that I was going to be adding another gallery to my website, well I have πŸ™‚ So feel free to check it out. Also I got another canvas print of another flower image that I took a few weeks back πŸ™‚ Thought I'd share with you lovely readers.

First shoots of 2015

Well today was a busy one, had two shoots today both completely different πŸ™‚ My first was of a beautiful 6week old little girl featuring her big brother at their home,so it wasn't a studio shoot. Got some lovely images of them and of Anya on her own πŸ™‚ My second shoot was a colourful … Continue reading First shoots of 2015

Saturday walks :)

Back at work tomorrow so I went for a little walk along the beach,before stopping off to tea and cake 🎂 Despite it being winter it was a little warm in the sun πŸ™‚ Seizing the moment and going on adventures are the best 💕 xxx